England on fire

Nov 22, 2022
England on fire

The English press is literally on fire after the Three Lions' crushing 6-2 victory over Iran. The display is making headlines in all the English papers, as here with The Daily Telegraph, which thinks Gareth Southgate's team is "a force to be reckoned with". The same is true of the Daily Star. The tabloid made a play on words on Tuesday with a "Sixy football", about the number of goals England scored yesterday... The same goes for the cover of the Guardian, which headlines "Six appeals". This big victory to start the World Cup has given the English a lot of air and the Daily Express thanks them!

Armband affair, a shame for Fifa

The Daily Mail, defending the FA who have done everything they can to try and make the case and calling FIFA "nasty", bashed president Gianni Infantino who "can feel like whoever he likes or whatever he wants, the rest of the world knows what he is". The threats used by FIFA (a yellow card for wearing the armband by a player or staff member) were not appreciated. The English media explains that to get around this rule, Gareth Southgate could have changed captain at each match. But it would have been difficult to start a match with a player who had already been cautioned.

The Three Lions, like the other countries, had to give in. Harry Kane said: "Yes, I think we're disappointed. I think I said yesterday that we wanted to wear it, but that decision was taken away from me today. I turned up at the stadium with the armband I was wearing and I was told I had to take it off. Look, it's out of our control as players. I'm sure the FA and FIFA will continue these discussions, but most importantly today we focused on the game and got a great result." Many consultants, including Roy Keane and Alan Shearer, believe that the captain should have gone ahead with his idea and worn the armband anyway.

Super Tuesday

Day 3 of the 2022 World Cup and some big names on the programme! The newspaper AS is looking forward to this Tuesday with 3 big stars making their appearance in this World Cup! The Iberian media headlines "Super Tuesday". Leo Messi has already opened the ball as he faces Saudi Arabia with Argentina, while Robert Lewandowski will play against Mexico at 4 pm! And then tonight, Kylian Mbappé and France will face Australia at 7 pm.