World Cup in Qatar

Sep 15, 2022
World Cup in Qatar: are you in?

In a message posted on Facebook on Wednesday, Manchester United legend and former French international (45 caps), Eric Cantona announced that he will boycott the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (20 November-18 December). The former OM striker said the project was an "ecological aberration" and "a human horror". Are you going to watch it? An interrogation that is growing more and more into the football community.

How about the Blues?

Klopp surprised by Boehly’s suggestion

Todd Boehly, the new Chelsea boss, recommended creating an All-Star Game between the best players of the Premier League, following the model of the basketball American league. An idea that, let’s say the least, surprised Liverpool’s coach: "He's not shy, he doesn't wait long," said the German at a press conference on Tuesday evening, after his team's 2-1 victory over Ajax in the Champions League. "When he finds a moment for that kind of fixture, let him call me," the German coach laughed.

"I'm not sure people want to see the players from Manchester United, Liverpool, (Manchester) City, Everton together. It's not a national team," Klopp added, clearly perplexed by the Chelsea chairman's suggestion. "Did he really say that?" the coach even questioned. "Does he also want to bring the Harlem Globetrotters and play them against a football team?" he added. What are your thoughts about an All-Star Premier League Game? Let us know!

Todd Boehly explains his coach choice

We suspected that Tuchel and Boehly weren’t getting along, and it got more or less confirmed by the Blue's new director himself: “When you take over a business you have to make sure you are aligned with the people in the business and Tuchel is extremely talented and someone who has had a lot of success with Chelsea. Our vision for the club was to find a manager who really wanted to work with us", said Todd Boehly, before concluding.

"The reality of our decision was that we weren't sure Thomas saw things the same way we did. Nobody is right or wrong, we just didn't have a common vision for the future. It wasn't just about the Zagreb game, it was about the shared vision of what we wanted Chelsea to look like. It wasn't a decision that was made because of one win or one loss. It was a decision that we thought was the right vision for the club." A complicated choice, of course, but was it a good one? Let us know your opinion.

Difficult start for Chelsea’s new coach

Graham Potter's first game in charge of Chelsea was a 1-1 draw with Salzburg in the Champions League group stage on Wednesday evening. The Blues had opened the score thanks to Raheem Sterling (48th) but were pegged back 15 minutes from time. Chelsea is now in last place in Group E after losing 1-0 at Dinamo Zagreb last week. We can’t expect an immediate revolution for the Blues, but let’s hope they’ll improve in the next games!