It’s Champion’s League week!

Sep 5, 2022

It’s Champion’s League week!

It’s back! Tomorrow the Blues’ll have a tough journey to Croatia to face Dinamo Zagreb for their first Champion’s League game. Sevilla vs ManCity and PSG against Juventus are part of the other very attractive fixtures this Tuesday.

Cristiano causing headaches

We learn this morning from the Daily Star on Sunday that the Red Devils' management and Erik ten Hag have put the Portuguese under huge pressure. They have warned him about his behaviour. The summons is simple, if CR7 does not comply with the Dutch coach's demands, especially tactically, he will be on the bench all year. The tabloid writes: "The boss Erik is the law". The Manchester Evening News is worried about the football superstar, who may not be physically ready for the next World Cup in Qatar with Portugal in these conditions. And in Spain, there are still rumours that he may leave the club despite the end of the summer transfer window. The Portuguese striker is said to have a verbal agreement to leave the Premier League as soon as possible according to Mundo Deportivo.


How about the Blues?

Strengthening the relationship with James

According to the Times, Chelsea’s going to renew Reece James' contract. The young defender is a key player and should receive the salary increase he deserves.

Fofana relates his crazy transfer to Chelsea

In a long interview for the french media L’Equipe, the youngster shared the doubts that were disturbing him until the very end: “For at least five weeks, I think, there were moments of doubt," Fofana admitted. "I asked myself a thousand questions at first: 'Am I doing the right thing?', 'Is it too early? But soon enough, I told myself that I was going to realise one of my dreams: to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world." He also explained why he had to attend his medical check-up in New York. Because of all the injuries he suffered in the past (ankle, tibia, and fibula), the Chelsea management wanted to ensure that there were no risks of relapse. Fofana has been analysed ed by the Lakers basketball team doctor, an eminent specialist, to make sure of that. “He looked at everything. They looked at my ankle, dissected everything, even parts of my body that I can't talk about (he laughs), to see how I came back from injury. It lasted more than ten hours!" laughs the new Chelsea man, who has now moved into another dimension with this transfer.

What a painful victory

The Blues got away with the win against West Ham, but what an effort! Chilwell made an amazing entrance. Give us your thoughts about the game, and the performance of the recruit Wesley Fofana.