The Residency is a community like no other. It’s a unique place that breaks down the barriers between stars and their fans.
The Residency exists for one reason: to bring people closer together. To create authentic connection between people with shared passions.

Our ‘residents’ - that’s what we call the sportspeople, musicians, actors and artists who use our platform - come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: they know the value of community and having a real and meaningful relationship with those who support them. We make that happen.

We created this platform because we are fans. And we share the passion of our members and our residents. And we know it’s about more than passion, it’s about having fun. That’s why our games, quizzes and challenges are so popular. They give us a chance to compete against each other, our heroes, and win Residency cred, and exclusive merch, too.

We love to chat. Fans of all ages talk… a lot. It’s natural to share our passions. To strive to get closer and experience it with other fans and The Residency is the perfect place to swap stories and debate the latest news. Ronaldo or Messi, anyone?

Welcome to The Residency, please make yourself at home.